Welcome to Homesteading (Mis)Adventures!

Hello there!

Looking for a blog full of homesteading adventures (and probably a lot of misadventures)? You’ve found the right place! I’m Jennifer and I’ll be recounting the process that my husband, Jason, and I go through as we build an organic, permaculture-based farm and renovate our “new” 1900s farmhouse out in Amherst, Maine.

Don’t worry – there will be lots of pictures. Maybe even videos. For now though, here is a picture of our new Amherst house!

Our first big snow in Maine!

We plan to head up for the week to get some fencing done along with some other super fun chores like replacing toilets and getting electric, propane, and water turned on! (If anyone has any recommendations for plumbers, we’re all ears!)

I’m really looking forward to exploring the wooded back half of the 16 acre lot and getting to know our new Maine plot! (I promise not to sound like Dr. Seuss all the time.)

Hopefully the weather will cooperate with us on this trip up from Tennessee!

More to come next week!

Thanks for dropping by and we hope to see you here again at Homesteading (Mis)Adventures!

Jennifer Jelliff-Russell

About Jennifer Jelliff-Russell

Jennifer is an employment specialist and writer with novels in women’s fiction and science fiction. She and her husband, Jason, decided to move from Tennessee to Maine and homestead using the most environmentally sound farming practices possible such as organic farming and permaculture. At the same time, they will also be slowly renovating their 1900s Maine farmhouse in order to make it more self-sufficient with the eventual goal of going off grid. Let the homesteading (mis)adventures begin!